Current and Archived Exhibits

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Current McCalla Exhibits

Divine Resilience: The Artistic Odyssey of Caroline Cullinan

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of South African artist Caroline Cullinan.

Divine Resilience Digital Exhibit

Take a Bite Out of Science: The Tools and Technology of Teeth

Explore IU's surprising variety of tooth-related collections from four different campuses.

Take a Bite Out of Science Digital Exhibit

Take a Bite Out of Science in 3D

LinkedIn to the Lodge: The Original Social Network

Unveil secrets of fraternal societies that connected individuals long before social media.

LinkedIn to the Lodge Digital Exhibit

LinkedIn to the Lodge in 3D

These ‘Things’ I Call Art: Artwork by Donald Gene Bell

Examine a retrospective of Don Bell's work creatively expressed through diverse media.

These 'Things' I Call Art Digital Exhibit

These 'Things' I Call Art in 3D

The Gift of Collecting: Spotlight on Rudy Pozzatti

Step into the world of Rudy Pozzatti, the world-renowned artist who developed IU’s printmaking program.

The Gift of Collecting Digital Exhibit

The Gift of Collecting in 3D

A Century of 16mm

Celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the 16mm motion picture film format with IU's Moving Image Archive and Media School.

A Century of 16mm Digital Exhibit

A Century of 16mm in 3D

Unity in Variety: The Works of Morton C. Bradley, Jr.

Marvel at Morton C. Bradley's colorful, geometric sculptures where math, science, and art collide.

Unity in Variety Digital Exhibit

Unity in Variety in 3D

McCalla Artwork

Enjoy works from the IU Public Art Collection that brighten the halls of the McCalla Building.

McCalla Artwork Digital Exhibit

McCalla Artwork in 3D

A Window into Collections

Peek into a few of Indiana University’s 250+ collections housed on campuses throughout the state.

A Window into Collections Digital Exhibit

A Window into Collections in 3D

McCalla History

Wander through the Margaret McCalla School, a fixture of the Bloomington community for more than a century.

McCalla History Digital Exhibit

McCalla History in 3D

Archived Exhibits

Discover the ways water has shaped Indiana with artists Betsy Stirratt and Tracy Templeton.

Ebb and Flow Digital Exhibit

Ebb and Flow in 3D

Experience landscapes like never before with the works of IU Professor Emeritus Barry Gealt.

Experiencing and Remembering Digital Exhibit

Experiencing and Remembering in 3D

Step back in time and learn about Wells' love for and lasting impact on Indiana University.

Growing Indiana University Digital Exhibit

Growing Indiana University in 3D

Explore the history of IU's lost Jefferson's ground sloth and the importance of natural history collections with the Indiana Geological and Water Survey.

The Megajeff Story Digital Exhibit

The Megajeff Story in 3D

See Indiana through the eyes of Hoosier artists with works donated by OneAmerica.

OneAmerica Digital Exhibit

OneAmerica in 3D

Examine details of inventive designs for one of Bloomington’s most anticipated annual events, Trashion Refashion, a fashion show that spotlights sustainability.

Trashion Refashion Digital Exhibit

Trashion Refashion in 3D

Appreciate the breadth and variety of techniques, experimentation, and technical proficiency that printmaking utilizes in this collection curated by printmaking students.

IU Printmaking Digital Exhibit

IU Printmaking in 3D

Marvel at the incredible variety of color, size, shape, structure, and patterns found in shells collected by alumnus Ross Stotter and preserved by the Center for Biological Research Collections.

Stotter Shell Collection Digital Exhibit

Stotter Shell Collection in 3D

Dive into the world of Straight No Chaser, a troupe of talented IU students first formed in 1996 that has become an international a cappella sensation.

Straight No Chaser in 3D

View portraits of androgynous people intentionally and visibly queering and contradicting gender norms. These portraits were taken by Bettina Rheims between 1989 and 1991 in London and Paris to counterpoint the rampant bigotry pervading society. If you would like to view the 3D scan of the exhibit, please contact University Collections to request access as the exhibit contains nudity.

Contemplate large-scale tapestries by artists Faisal Abdu’Allah, José Bedia, and Carlos Luna that resonate with multiple African and African diasporic traditions, reflecting the fractured interconnectedness of global visual culture.

Weaving Identities Digital Exhibit

Weaving Identities in 3D

Wander the halls of the pre-renovation McCalla, with furnishings remaining from IU's prior use of the building for fine arts classrooms, studios, and production spaces, as well as The Fuller Projects exhibition space.

Pre-Renovation McCalla Building in 3D